Boat Storage


ABC Self Storage is the most sought after self-storage service provider in the Perth region including Fremantle and surrounding suburbs. Our self-storage units are designed primarily for boats, yachts, cars. caravans, motorcycles, and recreational vehicles. ABC Self Storage will make sure that your boat will be protected from natural elements and theft. The facility is fully enclosed with sophisticated security alarms, monitored surveillance systems, and 24/7 lighting facilities.

Self-storage for boats, whether indoor or outdoor, has multiple advantages. Boats can be parked in your driveway or stored in the nearest harbor. However, self-storage is the best solution for your storage problems if your area forbids boat storage in your residence. It is also more cost-effective to rent a self-storage unit for your boats. Security features are highly reliable if you choose ABC Self Storage.

Note the pricing and sizing of the containers on the prices page.




We also provide solutions for storing furniture, household goods and office archives (a great way to free up your office space).

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