Easy access containers

Did You Know?

Moving house can be expensive. However shipping container delivered to you for you to load yourself in your own time is one of the most cost effective, convenient ways to use shipping containers to store your goods until you are ready All you need to do is pack the container. Delivery and pick up is taken care of.

Some good advice is to order your container a week or more in advance, so you can wait for the day with the best weather to pack the container. Don’t forget to use rope and other means to tie down what you can. For those awkward objects, avoid pressure points and try to lie them on a long, flat side if possible. You can create a wedge between two heavier solid objects and try to stack them on top of each other, but be aware of pressure points, weight over a larger area is better.

Drive up storage is safer, easier and more practical. You can load and unload in almost any weather, carrying objects a shorter distance and minimising risk of harm to yourself and others helping you. It can save many hours of demanding energy consuming extra handling that can be eliminated, freeing up time for you to be getting on with the things you want to do.

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