Today I went down to ABC Self Storage in Bibra Lake to check out the storage yard and ask my friend Geoff some questions on how he’s positioning his business. We’ve taken a few videos in an attempt to give punters a better idea of what they’re looking at with ABC Self Storage.

The team head up the yard and are happy to take any questions you might have on your self storage needs. The first thing that strikes you about the team is a down to earth nature and no hassle attitude.  Geoff happily showed me around the yard and explained each type of storage container and my options.

Needing to import a 20 foot container of 900sqm of tiles from China, I wanted to know what my options were in in terms of transport, storage space requirements and ongoing costs.

The solution Geoff provided allowed me to transfer my goods from an international container to a storage container at the port of Freo and then have the container delivered to the yard in Bibra lake.  I would then be able to load up quantities of tiles onto my truck as needed and deliver to my customers.

Running an online only business, this was the perfect solution to avoiding costly warehousing and taking advantage of the infrequent access discounts of commercial self storage, making my tile importing business a viable option. Besides, a shipping container sitting on my front verge was never going to be an option.

I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend ABC Self Storage to any punters looking to outsource their commercial storage requirements. However, I don’t think Geoff or I have a long career in video production for websites.