Smart Storage Ideas for Boat Owners

Boats should be kept safe while the owners are on vacation. Among the important considerations for boat storage Perth are convenience, security and budget. List at least three storage companies in Perth so you can make the necessary comparison. There are many companies offering these services just like car storage perth and furniture storage perth.

Driveway or Backyard Storage

A practical way for keeping a small boat (six to eight inches in width) is through a boat-trailer right in front or backyard. This is a good option either for boat storage in Perth or car storage in Perth. Just make sure to cover the boat well with a durable material. This will serve as protection against rainfall, dust, falling leaves, and insects. You can also move the boat-trailer without hassle to a warehouse or storage facility. Another tip is to read the owner’s manual for instructions and safety tips regarding boat-towing capacity.

Rack storage is also perfect for smaller boats. This frame can also be used for furniture storage in Perth. It looks like a roofed shed filled with structures similar to trailers. Look for companies which offers this type of service. A forklift or lifting equipment is used to hoist boats. Majority of dry-rack buildings can accommodate boats with maximum length of 26 feet. Some forklift trucks can raise boats which are over 30 feet long. These should also be ideal if you are considering using a car storage in Perth.

Boat Marinas for Big Units

People who own larger boats can choose dockyards or marinas. However, the dock facility is generally used only for boat storage  in Perth. Fees depend on the company and location but most companies charge based on the boat’s distance from end to end. Some marinas even provide winter storage and modern amenities. These include electricity, water for washing, Internet connection, and television. The place is also spacious enough for family cook-outs, get-together parties and social events. Boat storage services offer larger space to owners but they can be costly, compared to the costs of car storage perth and furniture storage perth.

As an extra tip, see to it that you have covers for your boat. The traditional material is canvas tarp which is cut and sewn according to the shape of your vessel. You can also select the modern shrink wrap. This is resilient plastic fiber with a web frame, zippers and ventilating mechanism. However, it cannot be reused. Plastic tarps or tents are the cheapest. These can be placed over the boat supported by wooden poles. The tarp allows air movement but can only endure one winter season.

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