Self Storage FAQs

Please find below some of the most commonly asked questions about our storage service.

What is classified as infrequent access?
It’s fine to access your unit up to once per month if you hire an infrequent access unit. Simply call us the day before you want to access and we’ll make sure your unit is moved to the ground.

Do I need to make an appointment if I want to come in to look inside an empty unit?
You can come in at any time to have a look inside an empty unit however it’s best to call ahead to confirm that we have an empty unit available for you to view.

Do I need to complete any paperwork or payment before the day of hire?
No, paperwork and payment can be made on the day of hire. Just make a booking to ensure a unit is available on the dates you need.

Do you provide any insurance or do we need to organise our own?
ABC Self Storage covers the insurance of the unit however you will need to organise insurance for the contents.

Are the units fire proof?
The units are made of hardened steel but fire could damage the contents of a unit so we recommend taking out insurance.

Can fragile items be packed into infrequent access to units?
As infrequent access units are moved around, items need to be well packed and secured so they aren’t damaged when the units are being stacked and moved to the ground.

I’d like to have a mobile unit delivered to the house so that we can pack it. What is the cost for the truck to deliver and pick up?
If you let us know your suburb I can give you the price for our truck to drop off and pick up. If you are storing the unit with us for 12 months, there is no charge for us to deliver the unit back to you for unpacking.

How often do I need to make payments? Do you offer a discount if we book the unit for 12 months or more?
Payment is one month in advance. If you want to hire a unit for 12 months and want to pay upfront we can provide a discounted price. If you decide to vacate early we’ll offer you a refund.

Is there any way of working out what size unit we will need for a family of four to store everything except our beds and clothes?
Yes you can visit this site to help with the calculation