Boat Storage Facilities in Perth

Is your driveway or yard looking like a boat graveyard?
Would you like somewhere affordable to store your sea craft off season?

Imagine a storage facility that is safe and offers flexible storage options with discounts for infrequent access and payment up front. We can also store your boat on a short, medium or long term basis alongside other items of your storage.

When it’s not fish’o’clock, try storing your boat in one of our large 6m and extra large 12m storage units and get the following benefits:

  • Protect your boat from the elements – wind, vermin, dust & water tight
  • Keep your boat secure – our premises is secure and insured from theft
  • Flexible boat storage options – Access your boat via keypad, by appointment or have it delivered back to you in a container when ready
  • Flexible pricing – save money by accessing your boat infrequently

We service all areas in Perth including Fremantle and surrounding suburbs

Boat Storage Gallery

Boat size and Storage unit comparison


The majority of your small boats will fit nicely into our large 6m units, usually leaving room left over for you to store furniture, motorbikes or misc boxed items.

Waverunner 3pax L:3560 W:1230 H:1230
Sea Doo 2pax L:2790 W:1180 H:1070

Yamaha 190 FSH L:5918 W:2490 H:2159
(with top removed)


Larger boats, under the national maximum trailer width of 2.50m are more suited to extra large storage containers.

Ideally you’ll have at least a cm of clearance from the door opening when reversing the boat into the container so ensure your boat and trailer are no wider than 2300m.

In addition, longer boats must be under 38 foot to fit inside an extra large container.

Learn more about WA boat towing regulations here.

Pontoon Boat L:5600 W:2330 H:1680 (on trailor with top removed)

509 Sea Runner L:6850 W:2250 H:2500 (on trailor with top removed)

We also provide solutions for storing furniture, household goods and office archives (a great way to free up your office space).