• Storage Container delivered to your address of choice.
  • Load container at your convenience and let us know when it's ready to pick up.
Access storage by appointment between 7:30am and 4pm.

Container delivery and pickup costs willy be quoted based on your location, please enquire for an exact quote.


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Did you know?

Are you downsizing, renovating or moving house?

  • We can deliver any combination of medium, large or extra large self storage containers to your premises
  • When renovating, the storage unit can be used to store building materials on site, which while being removed can be replaced with home contents.
  • You load the container(s) at your convenience – offering a greater convenience over a removal service by giving you the ability to pack at your own pace.
  • You can keep the container at your premises for the duration of your storage, or let us know and we’ll pick the container up.
  • We can keep it in storage to allow you to access contents by appointment. No matter whether there is one week or several months, your storage will be safe and secure at our storage facility.
  • We can also deliver the container to another destination when required.

Some good advice is to order your container a week or more in advance, so you can wait for the day with the best weather to pack the container. Don’t forget to use rope and other means to tie down what you can. For those awkward objects, avoid pressure points and try to lie them on a long, flat side if possible. You can create a wedge between two heavier solid objects and try to stack them on top of each other, but be aware of pressure points, weight over a larger area is better.