Furniture Storage Facilities in Perth

Need somewhere to store your furniture and home contents while you move?

At ABC Self Storage our multi purpose containers are perfect for furniture storage.  The cost of furniture storage in the Perth region, at ABC Self Storage is extremely competitive and of course our facility is 100% secure.

Imagine a storage facility that is safe offering flexible storage options with discounts for infrequent access and payment up front. We can store your furniture on a short, medium or long term basis and provide a storage container for furniture storage only or for storing a combination of items alongside your furniture.

We offer large 6m and extra large 12m storage units for your vehicle storage, providing benefits including:

  • Protect your furniture from the elements – our units are wind, dust & water tight
  • Keep your furniture secure – our premises is secure and insured from theft
  • Flexible furniture storage options – Access your furniture via keypad, by appointment or have it delivered back to you in a container.
  • Flexible pricing – save money by accessing your furniture infrequently

Furniture Storage Gallery

Furniture size and Storage unit comparison


Our customers can usually fit the contents of a 2 bedroom home in our large 6m containers.


Customers often choose to save with the infrequent access option for furniture storage. Our extra large containers should fit the contents of a 4bed home or a smaller home alongside the family car.

We also provide solutions for storing furniture, household goods and office archives (a great way to free up your office space).