Car Storage Facilities in Perth

Is your yard looking like a car yard or mechanics workshop?
Do you need somewhere to store a precious vehicle for peace of mind?

Imagine a storage facility that is safe offering flexible storage options with discounts for infrequent access and payment up front. We can store your car on a short, medium or long term basis and provide a storage container for car storage only or for storing a combination of items alongside your car.

We offer large 6m and extra large 12m storage units for your vehicle storage, providing benefits including:

  • Protect your car from the weather – our units are wind, dust & water tight
  • Keep your car secure – our premises is secure and insured from theft
  • Flexible car storage options – Access your car via keypad, by appointment or have it delivered back to you in a container.
  • Flexible pricing – save money by accessing your car infrequently

We service all areas in Perth including Fremantle and surrounding suburbs

ONLY $30 per week per car

Only need to store your car without adding other items to your storage container? Ask about our $30/week car only storage special. This is the most cost effective car storage solution in Perth that we know of. If you’re thinking of storing your car with us while overseas, Perth airport is only 30minutes drive from our yard.

Car Storage Gallery

Car size and Storage unit comparison


Customers typically save on storage by using the infrequent access option for car storage. The majority of your standard 4wd, sedan and small cars fit nicely into our large 6m units, usually leaving room left over for you to store furniture, motorbikes or misc boxed items.

2018 VW Beetle L:4288 W:1826 H:1488

2018 Mazda 6 L:4870 W:1840 H:1450

2018 Santa Fe L:4770 W:1890 H:1680

2016 Ford Ranger L:5362 W:1860 H:1815


As above, in most cases, the XL will fit two vehicles plus other small items of storage.

We also provide solutions for storing furniture, household goods and office archives (a great way to free up your office space).