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  • Store for the first 12 months and get 2 MONTHS FREE plus we'll deliver your container back to your premises for unloading, totally free!

  • Save $$ by accessing your storage once a month.
Access storage by appointment between 7:30am and 4pm.


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Storage size comparison

Ideal for moving home, a storage container can be delivered to you for you to load yourself in your own time. All you need to do is pack the container, delivery and pick up are taken care of.

As infrequent access containers are subject to being moved, some good advice is to plan your storage in advance. Use rope and other means to tie down what you can. For fragile items, try to lie them on a long, flat side if possible. You can create a wedge between two heavier solid objects and stack them on top of each other, but be aware of pressure points, weight over a larger area is better.