Storage Units

Whether you need a space to store your important personal or business documents, or a place to keep your furniture or clothing, you have the convenience of renting a self-storage unit to keep all your old and/or excessive belongings that clutter your office or home.

Storage Unit Sizes

About the units

A self-storage unit is an excellent facility for individuals or companies that need to store various types of items from old books, equipment, to vehicles for a few weeks, months, or even years. There are different types of self-storage units we offer here at ABC Self Storage that are designed to meet your specific storage needs.

If you have decided to use a self-storage facility to store your items, it’s important that you pick the best unit that suits your storage requirements. To help you make the right choice, check out the following different types of self-storage units:

Portable Storage Units

Ideal for moving home or office at your own convenience. The storage containers will be delivered to your place and when it is filled, you can call us to pick up the container and/or transport it to the desired location. The most convenient thing about this is that your items will be moved back to your desired location when you need to access them.

Private or Commercial Storage Units

If you are planning to move into a new office or home, you have the option to store all of your essential and excess items such as documents, furniture, vehicles, etc. in our commercial or personal self-storage units. These types of storage units can also be used for storage on a short-term basis, in situations where you are renovating or building your home.