Garage storage ideas

Did You Know?

Shipping containers are a great way to keep your goods protected by the biggest destroyers to those cherished possessions, which is exposure to the elements. UV light from sunlight quickly fades and damages virtually any surface, bags and tarpaulins quickly break down in sunlight and leave your goods exposed to damage. Rain will rust and corrode metals, and the act of restoring a car could be a race against how quickly it deteriorates. By providing a completely watertight and UV proof space, your goods are protected

Begin as early possible, preferably months ahead, and start by collecting boxes and polystyrene foam etc. You can then start packing things into boxes over time, until you are just living with essential items. Whilst you are doing that, you can filter out unneccesary , especially bulky, items. Ask yourself, are they low value? Will transporting them cost just as much as me buying a new one at the destination? Are you really going to wear those clothes? Spoil your friends with those items, and they could help you out when you are packing your last items and need use of such items eg. washing machine. DOnt forget to imagine the destination and picture how much space is there, to imagine what will and wont fit. When packing, take advantage of the height of the container, and anchor points inside the container. Pack in a way that the blocks are arranged safely and that they support each other. Think of it as like a game of tetris, you are trying to get a wall of heavy, hard to move items such as large appliances like washing machines up the back. This will reduce the movement of them when on the ship, as the cyclical movement of the waves may cause them to move. Its always a good idea to keep these items stored near each other so they can brace each other.

There are many species of moths and beetles which could damage clothing and wooden articles. Be sure that you are careful what you are packing into the container. Fumigate if neccessary and take precautions. Its important not to underestimate the damage even the insects can do.

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