Moving to a new house is quite an involved process. There are plenty of things to plan ahead, especially if the location is quite far from where you were originally located. If you’re thinking about looking for a storage facility where you can keep important belongings, make sure to get 3 quotes and take into account space allowances for furniture storage. If you have vehicles, check their dimensions and consider your boat storage and car storage options in Perth.

Hiring Storage Space on Moving Day

Possibly the busiest day of your move, this is the day you will load your items into a container.  This time-consuming step can be simplified with mobile storage, if you’re the kind of person that doesn’t like surprises, your best alternative is to pack ahead of your moving date. Remember to securely pack fragile and easily damaged items by placing them flat side down and/or tieing them down for transport carefully.

Mobile furniture storage can lessen the stress of the homeowner during the moving day because items can be stored at your convenience and pre-organized for unpacking. Check out the access conditions of your storage service before you lock in for short or long term storage.

Storage while Making Preparations

Furniture storage may also be necessary if you are undergoing renovations or your new house is still under construction. Renovations can an unpredictable amount of time so flexible storage for your belongings may be required. Large storage spaces are needed in the event you’ve got a car or boat,  or equipment such as motorbikes or jet skies. Lack of foresight can lead to bigger problems and more expenses down the track.

Leasing self storage units is another cost-effective alternative if you are in any phase of a moving process. When declutter your home, you may increase the chances of a fast sale and less stress on the moving day. Self storage is a viable choice for many reasons including security, affordability and convenience.